Greene County - Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport (i19)
Xenia, Ohio



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The Greene County Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport has numerous facilities available for use by tenants of the airport and transient users. Whether you decide to park in one of the 20 outdoor tie-downs overnight, need temporary overnight or sublease space in the main, heated hangar or want to rent one of the hangars to base your aircraft at Greene County, this is the airport for you.


When you do come to Greene County, pilots can receive current weather from the AWOS-III on 118.525 or during their planning process by calling (937) 372-4668. Upon arrival at the airport, pilots can activate the pilot controlled lighting via UNICOM on 122.70 and take advantage of the PAPI on runway 7/25, and the Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) from either end of the 4500' x 75' runway 7/25.


Pilots and the general public can also use the flight planning room in the terminal building. Weather information can be accessed with DUAT access or via the telephone in the flight planning room or the restricted phone inside the west entrance of the building (available 24hrs).


Complementary wireless Internet access is available within the terminal building.


A GCO is available on 121.725 for pilots to receive IFR clearances or to close flight plans or cancel IFR on the ground. Four clicks of the mic will activate the connection and you can talk directly to Columbus Approach.


The spacious conference room is also available for use by the general public (free of charge) and can be reserved through the airport manager, Dave Kushner @ 937-376-8107.


Additional benefits of the Greene County Lewis A. Jackson Airport include free short-term automobile parking, free access to water for washing aircraft, and an EPA Approved Waste Oil Disposal Facility for owners servicing their aircraft.

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